Clesson Brook and Upper Buckland Repairs (revised 4/5)

The Town of Buckland is engaged in a FEMA restoration and improvements project for the Clesson Brook roadway which was damaged in Hurricane Irene. The bids for the FEMA repairs to be done in the Clesson Brook Road/Upper Buckland area have been opened and a contractor has been selected. Notices and contracts are being signed, and the work will begin shortly. We hope to be able to make some improvements before winter sets in, and the rest of the work is expected to be completed in the spring and early summer of 2013. For specifics, please click to view project plans.

Please click the Read More link to view the projects proposed and their status as of November.

Upper Buckland Tropical Storm Irene Repairs

This is FEMA funded repair work for damage due to Tropical Storm Irene . This will be work done on storm damaged sections of Clesson Brook Road, Apple Valley Road, Shepard Road, LaBelle Road, Dodge Road, So. Cemetary Road and No. Cemetary Road. The permitting is done for this project. This work has been bid and the contract was awarded to Clayton Davenport Construction. Due to the timing of the contract, work is planned to start April 1st (weather permitting) and end June 30, 2013.

Clesson Brook Road Upland Slope

This is a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Project to repair an upland slope on Clesson Brook Road just past the yellow barn. This project was bid with the Upper Buckland repairs and the work will be done in conjunction with the Upper Buckland repairs.

Clesson Brook Culvert

This is a FEMA funded project to improve a culvert for the Shephard Brook where it crosses under Clesson Brook Road. This project is approved by FEMA and has been engineered. The permitting has been completed and this repair is being bid with the Clesson Brook Road MassWorks Grant below.

Clesson Brook Road MassWorks Infrastructure Grant

This is a project that will be funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts MassWorks Infrastructure Program. The award of $971,053 will fund the permitting, administration and oversight for additional work to Clesson Brook Road. An additional section of the road will have drainage and paving work done and a section of the stream bank along the road on the Clesson Brook will be repaired. The permitting is planned to be completed over the winter of 2012-2013 so that this repair can be bid in the Spring.

As the project progresses or we get more information updates will be posted.