Chimney Sweep + Repair Scam


There is a chimney sweep & repair scam operation in our area. Our elder population is a primary target.
If YOU have not initiated the call or contact for services, DECLINE the request.

Legitimate operators are required to be registered and insured contractors.

 If in doubt ask for and record:
  • Their contractor registration number;
  • Their insurance policy number, and
  • Their telephone number.

Investigate and VERIFY before contracting work.

If you have questions or BELIEVE you have been scammed, please contact:
the Buckland Police Department 
(413) 625-8200 

Massachusetts Attorney General's office – Consumer Protection Division
Phone: (617) 727-8400
Fax: (617) 727-3265
Mail: Consumer Protection Division, Office of the Attorney General, One Ashburton Place, Boston MA 02108