Blackboard Connect

The Town of Buckland has a reverse 911 emergency notification system which can call Buckland residents with emergency messages. Only authorized town officials are allowed to send emergency messages

This system automatically includes all residents who are listed in the phone book white pages.

Anyone who is interested in subscribing or unsubscribing from this emergency notification system can use the Blackboard Connect website link to add or remove their phone numbers or email addresses from the reverse 911 list for Buckland. For example, you may add your cell phone number if you want to receive the emergency notifications, or you can have your home phone number removed if you elect not to receive the emergency notifications.

Your personal information is maintained by Blackboard Connect, who takes your privacy concerns seriously - it is the essence of their business to protect your privacy, and Blackboard Connect is widely used to maintain reverse-911 information lists for towns, schools, and other reverse-911 system users. Here is a link to Blackboard Connect's privacy policy

Use the Blackboard Connect icon at the bottom of the left sidebar to subscribe or unsubscribe to Buckland's reverse 911 list.